Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Damn Berry!

Damn Berry!

Our film is about a healthy drink called Damn Berry. This movie was filmed and created by myself and a group of girls in Room 11. It is based on a product that we call "Damn Berry". From the help of the product it helped this young girl become more energized and motivated during her netball game. 

Watch and enjoy our film.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018


For inquiry, Miss Tupou put us into groups, to do a sugar experiment.So I got put with Raymon and Mondray. Our job as a group was to predict how many sugar we thought that was in all different kind of drinks. Like Fanta, Powerade, Just juice, Coke and more.  We got given a plastic bowl along with sugar in it, spoons and plastic zip lock bags. To predict how many sugar we thought that were in the drinks, we had to use the spoon, dip it into the sugar and into the bag. One person had to write down how many spoons we added, and how much grams it was.

It took us a while to do the sugar experiment
because we ended up having some fun with
it! It was cool working with the people that
I don't normally hang out with and talk to. And it
was a fun experiment!

Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Every time I hear a noise, something unusual happens

Sweat of fear dripping down from my forehead and down to my lips. The horrifying noises that keep repeating in my head was giving me a migraine. “What’s that?” I asked my mum. She came walking swiftly to where I was and said “what do you mean?”. I then replied with “that noise, the one that keeps repeating over and over again, I can’t be the only one”. She stopped instantly and started to burst out with a laugh. She then said “your funny”. My heart stopped at that moment, and my mind was as empty as my thoughts. I started to think. Am I over exaggerating or is all of this true?

Walking down the empty and quiet corridors at school, my head was in pain as well as my ears. All I could hear was the sound of old church bells ringing and the sounds of people screaming. Every time I thought about the noise, the more it became louder and it kept on coming back. I desperately wanted it to stop! It was like I wanted to blow my head off every time I heard it. The teacher kept talking but all I seemed to do was stare out into the distance thinking about the noises. I started to hang out alone, and I kept thinking I was a maniac.

My friends that I use to hang out with came up to me and asked “Are you okay?” but instead I ignored them and sat there looking out the window with my hoodie over my head. “Can you hear that?” I asked. Their faces were clueless and they replied with “hear what?”. I looked at them and said “the noises, like the noise of a church bell ringing and the sounds of people screaming?”. They looked at me with a glimpse and they almost looked frightened, so they walked off quickly without a word.

Looking down at the concrete floor, as I was walking home the noises then stopped. They started getting quieter and quieter every time my feet touched the ground. I started to pull a smile as I ran quickly back home. My pale brown hands reached over to the door knob while I zoomed through the doors. I walked into the kitchen and all I heard was “on today’s news an innocent young girl, hanged herself on a church bell, her whole family was tragic after her loss and as you can see people are out here screaming and crying”. I walked slowly into the living room and turned off the TV. I then fell to the ground and the silence then hit my mind. Not a gust of wind was heard, and my heart then broke into pieces. I was afraid of myself and every time I heard different noises something unusual always happened.

I began to take medicines to help get rid of the noises and to rebuild myself. It took me a while to get rid of the noises, but it was worth the wait. Some people were afraid of me but they gained my trust back. I stopped thinking about the noises and I finally heard the noises of birds chirping and the breeze flowing past me.

The woods

Image result for the woods

Green and dark moss, flowing everywhere on the soft brown dirt. Skinny old trees growing its roots underneath the earth, making its tallest branches reach the sky. A patch of sunlight beaming through the trees and ground, making mother nature to continue to grow. Bugs and insects, roaming around finding its small little prey in between the dirt. High pitched voices of birds singing, making everything in the woods to rise.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The lord is Almighty

The lord is Almighty
He is powerful
He is great, his creation made all the trees
and grass so we can all go play

He is the greatest man alive
He sacrificed his life for us
He thought about the animals and us which is why
he took the risk to go die on the cross

He showed us what love really means
So we should be grateful for what he has done
He helped us through all of our hard and rough times
So that we can go have fun

He is always in our hearts
He answers us when we call him
He’ll always be there to listen to us
Whenever we have a problem

He sends us his blessings from above
Whenever he notices that we’re giving up
He helps us to strive to succeed
So that we can stand strong ourselves

Friday, 25 May 2018

Play based Learning.

Play based learning 
In class, our beloved teacher Miss Tupou told us that we get to do play based learning for one whole block! At first we were confused on what that is, we were looking at each other with confusion. Until she told us that play based learning means that we get to do whatever we want for one whole block, but without no technology and we had to use the stuff that she gave us and we had to stay inside. In the middle block, on Thursday may 24th, we did play based learning. It was super fun, we played with items that we usually don't play with, like blocks, costumes and bunch of other stuff. 

My thoughts on the new edition that they added which is Play based learning. Its really fun for me, but not just me but for everyone else as well. Its good seeing people laugh and smiling followed by having a good time. Something that was enjoyable to me, was just having a good time with my fellow class mates. Laughter everywhere, it was really fun and good for us. I think what I'd like to do during play based learning, is to have the opportunity to like decorate the classroom more. You know. just to spice it up a little, but not just me like the whole class too. But I don't know, its just a little opinion of mine. 

The purpose of doing Play based learning in class, is to let the teachers know, what we can do with the items they give us to play with and how we use them in our point of view. It also gives us a opportunity let the kids, have fun and be free inside class. Even though its hard for the teachers to watch us make a mess! Hopefully next week, we get given more opportunities to play with. Something that we could do better is to actually put the items back where we found out, and to clean up our mess after we're finished with it. So that if someone else wants to play with it, they don't need to run around the classroom looking for it. 

We were learning how to play with items, that we usually don't play with, and without technology. It was hard for us, to play with the items as it seemed boring to play with. But it gets turned into something fun if we use our imagination. And that's what I think of Play based learning!

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Height Measurements!

 For the past week, we have been learning about measurements. As a group we decided to do height measurements, so our task was to measure the whole classrooms heights and this is what we came up with.

On the left this is the whole of the year 8 girls heights.

On the right this is all of the year 7 girls heights

On the left this is all of the year 8 boys heights

Sadly we forgot to measure Davids and Luckys heights but this is some of the year 7 boys heights.
Below this piece of writing, I got to identify what their height was.

David: 146cm

Lucky: 149cm