Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Connecting with others.

Talofa lava my name is Paige and this film is all about connecting with others.
Connecting with others can be presented in all sorts of ways, but we decided to show yous that connecting with others can also be shown by forgiving the people who have disciplined you in many ways.

Thanks to Juan, Brooklyn, Anika, Nadia, Cherish, Evelyn and especially Miss Siale for helping us throughout our Manaiakalani journey through filming, editing and for all your guys great acting skills and support.

So I hope you guys enjoy this film that we've created and have a good day :)

Friday, 8 September 2017

Synonyms & Antonyms.

In class we were all learning about Synonyms & Antonyms. Some of us knew what they meant
and some of us didn't which was a good experience. Maybe you could learn something too, just
like how we did.


Why do people need to drink water ?

Today, we are learning about why people like us need to drink water, and what water
can do to help you through out life. Why do you think we need to drink water?

The girl and the fox..

It was a snowy day, the fresh breeze was flying around making it cold! A young girl appeared and came across to a terrifying state! She looked down slowly and saw blood on the snow, along with a innocent dead bird lying peacefully, on the snowy pale ground. Looking mysteriously around the bird she was thinking, who killed it?

She looked around the bird and saw evidence that was left behind! There was strange paw prints leading all the way to a unusual dark forest. She couldn’t resist but to go and find the killer that was somewhere in the forest. She held her coat and gently pulled it over her head!

The wind was blowing her scarf, as she was staring at the forest with furious. She zoomed straightly into the, dark forest! With the lantern in her hand holding it tightly with her glove. She jumped above a little tiny snow mountain, and landed on the ground like a cat! Then started seeking for the creature who, killed the bird.

The killer was nowhere to be seen. She took one step, looked down and saw a, grey fur or feather that was lying on the ground. She picked it up and looked at it closely thinking who could this feather belong too? She looked right in front of her and saw a bush that was shaking as if it was an earthquake! She went closer and closer trying to get near the bush. SWOOSH! She leaned back just as the fluffy grey, fox jumped over her. It ran up a little tiny mountain took a glance at her and swiftly ran off into the woods!

The ground was white and pale. Soft and fluffy but lying in the middle of nowhere? Was a lantern with the light shining bright! It was so mysterious. Running swiftly through the trees, and bushes the fox slowly stopped. Peeked through the bushes while looking around and saw the lantern. That was strangely left in the open! The fox was focusing on the lantern while being distracted and popped his head out of the bushes.

Took one step out into the open and swoosh! The young girl came out of nowhere and jumped onto the fox. Pulled out her sharp knife and held it up against its throat threatening it! With a furious face she looked at the foxes innocents eyes and she couldn’t kill it. As she gently let go of the knife the fox glared at her, for five seconds and ran off!

As the fox took off the young little girl walked slowly through, the freezing cold woods. The sun was setting down and it was starting to get even more cold! The young girl couldn’t walk anymore so she started walking like a zombie. She tried to walk fast as she could to get home! She suddenly, collapsed onto the snow fluffy ground and her eyes slowly closed. The big fluffy fox found her after she collapsed and realised that she was freezing cold. It lifted her body up and snuggled up against her trying to keep, her warm and cosy through the frosty cold night.

The sun rises high in the sky while the sunlight, gazed down at the fox and the young girl! The fox opened its eyes glared at her and ran off quickly before she noticed. The young girl woke up and noticed that the fox had left but there was two shadows that she saw walking towards her. She looked up and saw her beloved parents run to her with relief! She opened her arms wide just as her mum held her up. They walked back home slowly along with happiness and the young girl was happy. But as soon as she looked back the fox came back and looked at her normally! The young girl looked at it and the fox dashed back into the woods!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

What do comments have in common ?

Today in class, we were learning about quality blog comments, and how to write a quality blog comment. Above these sentences we had to write down our ideas, about what comments have in common. I only wrote some, but what do you think comments have in common ?

Thursday, 3 August 2017

My Pepeha..

Right above this writing, is my Pepeha. My Pepeha shows me who I am, things about me and where I come from.