Friday, 6 April 2018

Filling peoples buckets!

Today in class, we were learning about filling up peoples buckets and got told a story about it. Everyone has their own buckets, including me and it represents all the good thoughts, good memories and it holds all of it together! Whenever your having a good time, and someone makes you laugh, your bucket is slowly getting filled up with love, respect, and most importantly, Respect! Its kind of similar to your emotions. What I learnt from this is that, its important to fill up other peoples buckets, because it'll fill up yours too! Instead of dipping into them, because whenever we dip into their bucket, we're taking all of their good thoughts and good feelings, and throwing them away like trash. How many buckets can you fill up ?

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

The never ending tunnel.

Slowly and gently, my eyes started to peek open, my vision was blurry and all I could see was bright green and hazel brown. My vision started getting clearer and as it went clearer, I started to see the sunlight beaming through the walls and shining into my eyes. At a slow pace I started to get up and gazed up upon a grassy long tunnel. I started to walk, while my hands were in between the roots and grass throughout the whole way. I thought I reached the end, but it kept going and going, and my assumptions thought I was stuck here forever.

Circle of Flames!

I strolled around the hallway, and into the kitchen. And then there it was, that nice strawberry smell from a little candle. The little flames were going up in the air, making the house smell like strawberries. I gripped onto the candle and stared at it for a while, then left it peacefully on the table, my hand shook the table as I was leaving, and the candle started wriggling around like a bowl, but I walked out. That little candle, fell on its side, making the fire go onto the table and slowly burning it. It went onto the edge of the table, and started going around like a circle, causing the house to get all smokey and blazing hot. The fire made its way down to the rusty wooden floor, then slowly making its way up to the chairs and against the white pale walls. I came back in, and I couldn’t see anything, I coughed and coughed, trying to see where the fire was, but all I could see was black and grey smoke and more smoke. I opened the door leading to the kitchen, and saw flames up in the air. Burning everything in its way, I could’ve made a different choice, and should’ve left the candle where it was placed before, and maybe, the house wouldn’t be in a state like this..

Castle Midnight.

Misty dark sky, fog surrounding all areas, and all I see is a silhouette of a dark castle. A patch of light was in one spot of the sky, as if it was the way to heaven. The water splashing against each other, and as for me, I was placed in a car. Like those 1900s car, with those big wooden wheels, along with those horses pulling the carriage. But this time it wasn’t just a horse, it was more like those magpies, but all black and scary. With super long claws that could sink their sharp claws into your skin. But it was 10 times bigger than an actual horse, and all I saw was that mysterious big bird leading our carriage to that castle. Then I started seeing things disappear, like the castle was fading away into pieces, the water was sinking away, and then I was placed in my bedroom. But everything seemed so real, was it my imagination or did it actually happen ?

Tuesday, 13 March 2018


3 choices that I've made throughout life, and what I get to choose and daily to day basis. But this is only 3 of the choices I've made, theirs plenty more though! What are 3 choices you've made throughout your whole life.

What makes a good leader ?

In class we've been learning about what makes a good leader, and what does it mean to us. I decided to pick Martin Luther King as a leader, because he left his mark, and above this it explains why I chose him as a good leader. And how he is a good leader!

Summer poem!

 Have you ever smelt summer ?
Sure you have!

Remember that time..
When you were trying to go to sleep at night, but it was too hot so your body had the urge to roll
around a lot, keeping you frustrated
That was Summer..

Remember that time..
When you just finished your shower, and later on your body smells like B.O because your body,
couldn’t take the heat
That was Summer..

Remember that time..
When you went to go look in the freezer to see if there was any ice cream to cool your body down,
but you were left with just the ice cream box with nothing in it
That was Summer..

By Paige