Thursday, 27 July 2017

Student Led Conference !!


Today after school we had a Student Led Conference. When we arrived at my school my teacher took a photo of us! It was really fun, and an amazing experience !! 

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

My goals for term 3 !!

 Today in class we are writing our goals for this term! This term we are going to try our best to achieve our goals for maths, reading, writing well for everything. Achieving our goals will help us when we are in college and when we get older!

Saturday, 22 July 2017

I am.. poem !!

Screenshot 2017-06-15 at 10.03.50 AM.png I am poem

I am Paige
I wonder if I’m going to have a successful life.
I see people hurting other people's feelings.
I want people to stop thinking negatively
I hear the things that I don’t wanna hear.
I am Paige

          I pretend that I’m not scared of anything but I am
            I feel that I can push harder to achieve my goals
I touch other people's shoulders when there feeling depressed
                  I worry about my family and my future
                  I cry when I’m hurt or when I feel alone
                                      I am Paige
                I understand that life isn’t always easy
               I say stuff to people to make them smile
                       I dream about random stuff
                          I try to achieve my goals
                       I hope I have a better future
                                       I am Paige

Inquiry Research !!

In term 1 the theme for the term was about rodents and streams! In class we had to create and design a poster that had to include our sub questions, and 1 main question that was suitable to rodents and streams! When we were all done our teacher "Miss Siale" had to pick a few students from our class room, to represent our class room by showing our posters and designs that was at "Te Oro". And the people that got pick had the opportunity to go down to "Te Oro" and look at what the other schools created and did! And I was one of them which was so fun!

Role Models !!

Why my parents is my role model
Remember the T.I.I.C structure.
Title - What you will be explaining
Introduction - Tell your audience what the topic is about and what is to be explained.
Information - Explain the elements or steps in a logical sequence
Conclusion - Final summarizing statement, an evaluation or comment about what you have explained.

“My Role Models”
My parents and my sister are my role models. So in this explanation I will be writing why they are my roles models, and what makes them one. I hope one day when I grow up that kids will look at me as a role model!
1st element
My mum is one of my favorite role models. Why? Because she cared for me and loved me like a mother should. She was there for me since day one, and she means the world to me. She is hardworking just like my dad because she cooks for us, she cleans the house for us, she cleans up the mess that I made even though I should be cleaning it up. She will do anything for me and my siblings and she will clean up things and do things without being asked to. My mum is a women that is courageous, caring and mostly everything in many different ways.
2nd element
My dad is also one of my favorite role models because he works hard in many different ways, and he wakes up in the early hours just to provide for food and money for our family. He is courageous and loving, he does everything for me like my mum. For example if there is no one by my side I know that my dad will always be with me all the way. He never wants to go work but he still goes because he’s doing it for me and my siblings.
3rd element
Its shocking but my sister is also one of my role models as well even though she is mean to me half of the time. She helped me when I was little all the way up until now. She has done many things for me without being asked and I would say that she’s like second mum. If I’m showing disrespect to people she would always teach me to do the right things, instead of the bad.  
These are the reasons why they are my role models.


Characters: Martina/Martinez/grandfather/Parents/Jaden
Problem: Martina casted a spell that he was unaware of and freed the bad wizards
Solution: Martina learnt a difficult spell that would lock all bad wizards.


Long ago a child got given birth and the baby was a boy. His parents took a glance into his eyes and, they were bright green. The color of his eyes were so beautiful and it reminded his parents about his grandfather. So the baby's mother decided to name him after his grandfather. “Martina” was that the baby got given. Martina’s parents wanted him to have a better future, but there was a huge history behind Martina’s grandfather's past and what happened to him didn’t have a happy ending.

In the year 1986 Martina’s grandfather got given the name “Martinez”. His eyes were exactly the same color which was bright green. But he was born with the powers of a wizard. They always had to move to village to village but wizards kept on casting spells on the village, either making the houses go on fire. Or killing animals or people, and humans thought that wizards were a threat to them, but it was actually bad wizards that kept casting those annoying spells on their beloved village. So Martinez did a spell that only he knew, and locked them up far, far, away. Someone saw Martinez do the spell and assumed that he was one of the bad wizards so they snitched and sadly Martinez died. But his last words were “Don’t free them” but no one knew what he meant.

While Martina was growing up he was deeply interested in wizards, magic, and the history behind it. He read all sorts of books about wizards, drew pictures of it and to Halloween he wore a wizard costume as well. Martina was a huge fan of wizards and wished that he could be able to meet one while growing up. His parents were really strict about him and worried about him 24/7 and made sure that no one found out who he really was. Martina’s friend “Jaden” came over to his house. They were both reading books about wizards until Martina came across a book that said “Wizard's secrets”. Martina and Jaden were deeply interested in the book and came across a spell that said “Do the spell on your own and don’t free what you don’t know”. They were so confused but Martina decided to do the spell. He closed his door and the windows and started repeating the spell over and over again but it kept on failing. But nothing worked so Jaden said “Pfft this is just a stupid book I’m going home”. Martina glanced at the book and threw it across the room and went fast to sleep. But what Martina didn’t know was that the spell he casted, freed the bad wizards and their village was not safe anymore.

Martina went to the library and said “Hi I’m here to return your book back and these ones”. The librarian then said “Uh thank you but this one is a mistake”. Martina looked confused and lost and said “Uhh yes it is when I issued these books this book was with it”. The librarian said “Uh no it wasn’t I haven’t heard or seen that book ever in my life”. Martina thought he was dreaming so he tightly pinched his arm, just in case he was dreaming. So he said “Oh uh um.. I’m gonna go I’ll come back next week..”. Martina walked off strangely looking at the book wondering why it ended up in his room.

The sun went down and the moon was rising slowly. The light of the moon shined through his open windows and the fresh breeze blowing the curtains. Until he saw his grandfather's spirit in the light of the moon. He was blinking 50 times every 5 minutes but his grandfather's spirit was still in front of him. He said “Which spell did you do Martina?”.

Martina replied and said “Uh umm this one it says do the spell on your own and don’t free what you don’t know”. His grandfather said “Martina where.. Where did you find it? This is a trick do you know what you unleashed?”. Martina said “Uh I don’t know I just said the spell and my friend was with me”. His grandfather then said “Time's running out.. You need to do another spell to lock them in now”. And slowly his grandfather's spirit was fading away.

Martina was learning a difficult spell and was searching through, every page looking for the spell to lock the bad wizards. Since he didn’t find the spell he started writing his own and it took him days to figure out that perfect spell. Martina was crying so bad because if he didn’t do that stupid spell, he wouldn’t be in that much stress.

He heard sounds of people screaming, shouting, crying and begging for help. He wiped away his tears picked up a feather dipped it into black paint and began to write. He wrote “Lock the bad wizards in and die within” as he was making small galaxies in his hand and he kept saying the spell and it was becoming more powerful than ever. But the bad wizards power were stronger than Martina’s but he kept saying the words over, and over again until they were gone.

The bad wizards were hurting people and their homes but Martina shouted and said “LOCK THE BAD WIZARDS IN AND DIE WITHIN”. The bad wizards powers were getting weak and weaker and Martina’s powers were getting stronger than ever. All of the good wizards came and swooped in and helped him build up his power. And the bad wizards were gone like flash and Martina nearly died. His parents rushed to him and sprayed him with a memory loss spray. Martina woke up in 1 month and heard his mum say. “Martina..? Martina..? MARTINA wake up please..” and Martina was like “AHHH WHAT HAPPENED??!!!”.

Martinas mum then said “Woah you’ve been sleeping for ages”. Martina was like “I’ve been sleeping uh..”. Martina was left speechless and he was so confused, then Martinas mum said “Uh yeah I’ve been trying to wake you up for ages but you wouldn’t so uh get up buddy get ready for school”. So the mum shut his door and walked over to her husband and said “Don’t you ever tell him what happened no one can know who he is and not even him..”. So Martina wasn’t dreaming after all. His parents just didn’t want him to find out who he is because they didn’t want to lose their beloved son.